Fervent School of the Spirit was not designed to be just another institution from which to fill your minds with information. Rather we want our online school to be a place where God loves to abide and where He is given free rein to accomplish the purposes of His heart both in and through us, His willing and eager servants.

In the Song of Solomon, we see a Bride who is no longer satisfied with a knowledge of things about God; she is desperate to know Him in a personal and intimate way. She has a deep longing for the company of the Lord Himself and is not motivated by the usual things like ambition, wealth or self-promotion. This intense desire has led her to a singleness of vision and purpose like none other. 

God's greatest desire is for us to get to know Him intimately. In response we should allow Him to share His greatest burdens, so that our lives will reflect His heart cry for a lost and dying world.

Are you ready to set aside distractions in order to seek God with all your heart? Are you eager to experience more of God--to truly get to know Him? Are you ready for God to reveal your destiny—the reason  you were born? Do you want to be more deeply grounded in God’s Word? If the Lord is calling you into a deeper walk, consider our online classes at Fervent School of the Spirit.  

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