Steve Porter shares a special message on Periscope.
"Praying and Speaking Life over your 2018!" With Steve Porter Send in prayer requests to Lord bless you! ❤️
"For I hear the Lord whisper "for even the greatest hunger that you have possessed in your past will only be the starting point of the hunger that I will give you. For I am placing a great hunger in the heart of my bride and she will not be content with 'things' but only my 'face' ...I am calling you deeper today says the Lord!
A special message by Steve Porter How holiness, humility, and repentance bring revival and out[pouring
"I will hide you in My presence when danger comes!" The Overcoming Bridal Church will take Cities! A Prophetic word w/ Steve Porter
A Prophetic Message w/ Steve Porter
Carrying the Beauty and Fragrance of Heaven (Prophetic Words over Cities) w/ Steve Porter
A special encouraging video by Steve Porter. He shares and prays over those that need breakthrough and Restoration. There is hope for lost loved ones, there is restoration for broken marriages, there is hope for loss and defeat.
This is message 3 in the Garden series with Steve Porter. You may have felt rejected or terribly wounded by others...But Jesus calls you from the Garden and shares the depth of His heart. "I am yours, My child...You are Mine...You are spoken for..." This is a special message of intimacy and healing.
The Lord is calling His bride into the Garden where He anticipates spending time with her.
A special message by Steve Porter
"Draw me - The Deep Cry of the Bride" with Steve Porter
A Prophetic word released by Steve Porter. Do you need peace like a river?
Finding your purpose and destiny and living the presence driven life! With Steve Porter
The Glory of the Lord Hits Cities! -- A prophetic word by Steve Porter
Steve Porter asks the question: What does it mean to "Wait on the Lord?" As we BEHOLD him we are downloaded with Spirit and life and our lives are lifted above the issues that hold us. We will run and not grow weary...walk and not faint! We are downloaded with Spirit and Life.
Steve Porter continues his message on the Garden of the Lord! Come into His garden and rest awhile. Come before you go! He will RESTORE you and make ALL things new.
This was a live video with Steve Porter giving love, hope, and prophetic encouragement to those that desperately need it.
A special prophetic message by Steve Porter about how to be free from your past! May the Presence of the Lord come and minister deeply to you.
A very special Message "A Voice Like Thunder" by Steve Porter filmed on July 4th. Although this message was filmed in 2009, it still holds true. There was a very special presence of the Lord on this broadcast. May the Holy Spirit touch you deeply today. Listen and receive.
The Lord gives dreams and vision, but sometimes we wait. Don't grow weary in the waiting! Surely your dream will come to pass... for it was God who gave it to you!
Steve Porter gives a short message about the wilderness experience. For those that feel God is a million miles away, where confusion and doubts visit often, where you feel you have lost your direction...Fear Not... God is with you in the wilderness giving you His arm to lead you out as you are perfumed with His presence.