Barbara Massey

"A Remarkable Woman of Faith"


Here is a wonderful piece written by Michael O' Connor.  (Dad O'Connor)

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Beloved friends and readers:


We greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ;

 It is with great joy that we present unto you this new magazine entitled: Revival Herald, which is a collection based upon the life and ministry of Sister, Barbara A. Massie. Sister Barbara was born in GlasgowScotland, in the year 1919, being the second child of Apostle, and Mrs., William Massie. Her beloved parents served under the Welsh Apostolic Church, and were used of our Lord to pioneer the Pentecostal-Movement, in the North of Scotland. In those years, the Movement was conservative and sound, being Bible-based and Christ-centered: It was an outgrowth of the Welsh Revival of 1904, which was firmly established upon Righteous principles and Holiness-standards.


 Barbara's mother was raised in the Plymouth Brethren Church, of Scotland, where as a child of approximately nine years of age, she was greatly moved upon by the Holy Spirit, during a church presentation (via old-fashioned “magic lantern”), of “The Pilgrim's Progress.” At the closing of this presentation, she then and there surrendered her life unto Christ, and received Him as her Lord and Savior. From that hour, her faith never wavered! She grew up to be a model wife and mother, an outstanding Pastor's wife, and a dedicated and powerful prayer intercessor.


 In John Bunyan’s narrative classic, “Pilgrim” struggled to ascend a great mountain, whilst bearing a heavy burden, bound onto his back (portraying sin, in an unregenerate state).  Suddenly he lifted his weary head, to behold Jesus, the Lamb of God; agonizing upon the cross.  At once the binding cords burst asunder and his heavy burden dropped from his back, to go tumbling down the hill behind him.  It was at this very instant that Barbara’s dear mother was overwhelmed by the blessed Holy Spirit.  As her young-heart flew-open, and she received Christ as Lord and Savior of her life!  As she did so (though a child), she immediately felt her own burden break-free, and fall from her! She was filled with joy amidst tears of thanksgiving.  She was apprehended of the Lord instantly, and from that moment, she became a prayerful and vigilant child, and a shining witness for Christ! (Oh, how we need such conversions in this dark, Laodicean Day!)


I strongly recommend the reading of this marvelous book, which came in 1630, to Bunyan, via the agency of visionary dreams.  There is also an excellent video-version which was produced in Ireland, in the mid-1970’s.


Barbara's dear father was likewise a statured Christian, and a powerful and dedicated man of prayer. As an Apostle and Pastor, William Massie, Sr., was truly a paragon of exemplary manhood, with uncompromising integrity.  He was indeed a preacher of righteousness! William so strongly declared the imminence of the return of Christ, that in Scotland, Wales, England, and Ireland, he became known and referred to, “the man of the Second-Coming.”  Brother Massie, preached this glorious reality, powerfully and without compromise.  (Oh! That earnest and consecrated men of God, would again preach the whole counsel of God, as contained in the Fundamental Gospel of Jesus Christ!


 Sister Barbara committed her life to Christ, and was baptized by full immersion, and was subsequently baptized into the Holy Spirit while in her childhood; she was aware at an early age of a Divine calling upon her life. She was highly blessed to be raised in a home of such marvelous spiritual reality. Bible readings, prayers, singing of hymns, memorization of Scripture portions, learning to testify, etc., were an integral part of the upbringing and training of Sister Barbara and her siblings. She was especially moved upon by the Holy Spirit upon numerous occasions in her young life, but especially during the Hebrides Revival, when all of Scotland and the Channel Islands were mightily shaken by a visitation of the Holy Spirit. Our Lord Jesus used this vehicle to impress upon His daughter in a new and powerful way, the claim He had made upon her life, for ministry. These dealings culminated in the enrollment of Sister Barbara at the BibleCollege of Wales, as the first “lady-student” to ever there be admitted.


 We feel it important to herein share a treatise upon the Hebrides Revival of 1949, as related by Brother Duncan Campbell, who so greatly influenced Barbara’s decision to surrender her young life to the service of our Lord.  Truly, the ministry bestowed upon Sister Barbara, was brought to birth amidst the white-hot fires of Divine Visitation. She would bear the marks of this precious identity, characterizing her ministry, all the days of her life.  A link is provided at the end of this tribute to: “The Price and Power of Revival.”


 Our Lord's great design for her life would lead her to many places and people groups in the British Isles, in European Nations, in Canada, and in America. (Barbara had also significant ministry amongst Asians, Samoans, Native Americans, and Spanish Folk.) Her last large trip would be in approximately 1988, when she and her sister, Anne, traveled to the Antipoedes (Australia), New Zealand, and the Philippine Islands.


 A great honor and privilege was bestowed upon myself and the congregation at New Haven, in August of 1991, when Sister Barbara came and ministered unto us. That was to be her last official church-ministry, although she did minister at prayer meetings, etc., thereafter, until the time of her home-going.


 Although her heart was very weak, and her ocular vision failing; while at New Haven, she ministered eloquently and powerfully in the Word, as well as in personal ministry to the people. There was a deep and dramatic stream flowing, as our beloved mother in the Gospel, rallied to minister in the rich anointing of the Holy Spirit, for which she had become legendary. It was necessary for her to rest and wait upon the Lord for several days, in order to gain strength for the Sunday Night service; but her ministry was indeed moving and unforgettable!


Sister Barbara ministered with such compassion to the needy souls present, and at one point, she stood fearlessly, toe to toe against very strong evil spirits apparent in one individual. When I beheld Sister Massie's hand extended in the “sword-posture,” I knew that our dear Mother, was not about to back-down! That same old powerful authority was resting yet upon her life and ministry. Hallelujah!


Sister Barbara came first to America in the Fall of 1956 (where she resided with, and worked in the Gospel Temple, of PhiladelphiaPennsylvania), under the ministry of Pastor, and Mrs., Fred Poole. The Poole's were close friends of the Massie's, and had known and loved Sister Barbara since her childhood.


 In time, the Lord would send Sister Massie forth as a “torch-bearer,” to ignite fires of Revival in many places, as she traveled extensively in America. It was my pleasure to first meet her when she made her second visit to Elim Bible Institute in 1967. Our Lord Jesus used her there in a blessed way, for nine weeks. She later came to New York City to minister unto the students who had been dispatched there in Elim's New York City outreach program.


 Oh, what blessed memories, as we broke beneath the awesome overshadowing of the Holy Spirit! With earnest tears of consecration, we were led into a deeper commitment unto the calling of God upon our lives. While Sister ministered in joy and victory, a very predictable element whenever she ministered, was that of a deep and sacred brooding and breaking of the Holy Spirit, which arrested and captivated lives for His calling and Divine purposes.


 Indeed, I have personally observed of her practice (when she perceived the atmosphere of a meeting becoming too light, or when “flesh” was attempting to creep-in), to “pull-back on the reins,” and bring the meeting into a deeper stream. She exercised an unusual ability to do so, without grieving the Holy Spirit, nor injuring tender young souls. Sister Massie was truly a Mother in the Lord (assuredly, she was the undisputed mother of Pinecrest Bible Training Center, until her retirement in 1991). She had also dynamic times of ministry there, early-on, from 1970, and later in 1973 and 1975, when she took up permanent residency there, and made Pinecrest her home and base of ministry. Some of the staff members who helped open The School in September of 1968, had been greatly blessed under her ministry at Elim the year before. It may safely be said that twenty-three classes of students at Pinecrest were influenced either indirectly, or were personally blessed, taught, and ministered unto, by this beloved mother inIsrael.


 She had a deep and committed love for the Lord's people; especially young folk for whom she spent much time in prayer and fasting, although she taught very clearly against boasting or announcing the practice of fasting. Through such a close and meaningful relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, she had learned very well the ways of His precious Holy Spirit. Her great harvest lives on in the Earth, largely amongst those young generations and their spiritual progeny, whom she so dearly loved, and whom were so drawn unto, and encouraged by her ministry. These are numbered amongst various Nations and People groups, as well as across a broad spectrum of Denominational-Lines, including those of the Catholic-Renewal, amongst whom she was instrumental, beginning with the 1967 outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Notre Dame University, in Anne Arbor, Michigan.


 Our Lord, Himself, orchestrated a beautiful going-away party in Sister's honor. She was in frail health, but was bright and alert, and looked beautiful in her white ensemble. Folk came from considerable distances, even though there had come a snow blizzard. The Fellowship Hall at Pinecrest was nearly filled and there was a mighty glory of God resting upon the place. She played the piano and sang movingly, in a tribute to our late brother, Howard Adkins (recently deceased), in honor of his dear widow, Sister, Bobbi. There was rousing congregational singing, moving worship, and also special songs and tributes were rendered. The meeting went on till nearly midnight, yet the people were not anxious to go home. During a time of worship, Sister Barbara, and her dear old friend, Pastor Claire D. Hutchins (Founder and Senior Pastor of the Brooklyn Tabernacle), who had flown-in from Tampa, Florida, began to sing most beautifully under a heavy anointing, followed by a deep and somber prophetic message, which gripped us all, with a deep, searching conviction.


Dear Sister Barbara shortly thereafter, returned to her beloved Sister, Anne, and their cozy old home at 50 Stone Road, in StaffordshireEngland; from which both of her precious parents had departed this life. She would follow them in her 77th year, in 1995; leaving-behind her dear sisters: Margaret, and Anne, and dear brother, Willie, plus nephews, and a niece.


 I could write volumes concerning this dear soul, and hopefully I shall at some juncture, be enabled to write a more fitting tribute. For this time, the above introduction must suffice. I sincerely trust that you shall avail yourself to her Life-Story, herein posted, and also unto the true life experiences, as told in her messages dealing with her personal life.


 We are deeply indebted to Sister Louise Flanders and Brother Jay Hearn, for their hundreds of hours of labor in preparing and publishing the story of her life, and for the unbelievable toil of Brother Hearn, over a several-year period, in extracting, categorizing, and formatting her many sermon illustrations. Thankfully, by our Lord's grace, we have been enabled, to begin posting her audio recordings. Please keep us in prayer as there are many recordings to be posted, and this is a difficult and arduous task.  We wish to be able to live-stream them into all the world. Please pray with us!


 My life was greatly enriched by this remarkable servant of the Lord. Sister Massie was to me (for 28 years) a friend, sister, and a “Mom.” How great is my privilege to have known her in this life. By our Lord's grace, we shall all meet again, in the next.



God bless you and greatly encourage you all, as you read and study the life of this remarkable Woman of Faith!


Michael O' Connor