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A look at the ministry of Steve & Diane Porter in South Africa. Holy Spirit conferences in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
Crocodile Meat- New Extended Edition
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Author and Speaker Steve Porter is living proof of God’s amazing grace, after several close encounters with death. He was healed from a fatal disease and rescued from a crocodile-infested river. He was even restored from the emotional scars of childhood rejection after being labeled an underachiever and a loser. But while many wrote him off, God had other plans for Steve. This is his testimony written for people of all ages. 

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Steve is interviewed on TBN South Africa in East London. He shares his testimony and ministry. Part 1 of 2 Videos

In this message Steve shares his life story. Delivered from a fatal disease, rescued from a crocodile-infested river, and healed of emotional scars, Steve has come close to losing his life on several occasions. He faced mass rejection growing up as he was labeled an underachiever and a loser. Many thought his destiny was predictable, but the Lord had a surprise for Steve.