We have had so many reports over the years of lives touched all over the world by our former internet program "Soaking Place." We believe this new season with Find Refuge TV will touch many many more lives in need of Rescue, Restoration and Revival!  Stay Tuned for "Find Refuge TV" a presence driven webcast!

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In a world, that is so divided for legitimate concerns... we see our Savior guiding us by His example long ago. Steve Porter gives a message straight from the heart. Listen on... www.findrefuge.tv
In this message Steve shares a vision, he had of how the enemy carries around a box of old tapes of our past in order to hurt us. We are to look ahead with eyes of vision toward the future, we should dream again, not be paralyzed by the past.
Do you feel spiritually dry and need the Holy Spirit to fill your cup with a refreshing drink from the fountain of living waters? Are you tired and weak? How do you find your way through the desert of spiritual barrenness?
Do you feel like you have been waiting forever for your dreams to come to pass? Steve Porter brings a short message straight from the heart to encourage you that due season is coming! Do not quit!

Do you know God as Father.... as Daddy? This message by Steve Porter will touch your heart as you discover a Father who knows every pain and sees every hurt...Father loves you today! Steve encourages us to NOT give up..... Daddy God has you in His loving arms no matter what your facing...

In this short prophetic message Steve speaks words of life into the lives or people that need Resurrection power in dead places of there lives. Can these bones live?
This is a very encouraging word by Steve Porter using a strong prophetic dream the Lord gave him where he saw Jesus face to face...
No matter what you are facing today...Remember the cross. This message by Steve Porter will deeply touch your heart.

A Message by Steve Porter about Running hard after the Lord. 

A prophetic word

A short message by Steve Porter No matter what you are going through..your heart is surrounded by the Presence of God. Within Him is the fullness.

And the Lord will fill your mouth...with words that burn the heart! Steve Porter

I WILL SING OVER YOU SAYS THE LORD! Zephaniah 3:17 "He will rejoice over you with singing." With Steve Porter


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