A Burning Burden for Canada


I grew up in a little town called Madison, Ohio, a beach town on the shores of Lake Erie, located in the northeast corner of the state. I was fascinated by the beautiful sight of Canada across the lake. For years I spent hours, days and weeks at a time, making plans for a trip across the lake to Ontario. One day, when I was older, we made plans to actually see the other side.  Unfortunately, while we were on the way my car broke down as I crossed the bridge into Canada, a huge disappointment.  So it wasn’t until some years later that I finally made the long-awaited journey to the other side. 

As Enoch walked with God in close intimate fellowship, speaking his full heart to his best friend Jesus, I realized that I too could take a walk with Jesus and speak to him as a intimate of God. I called these times "Enoch walks."  I visualized Enoch embracing his kids and family, then picking up a stick as the sun was setting, and going to take a walk with God.  I also picked up my stick and took long walks with the Lord every evening when the sun was just finding it's restful place.

For years, I would take Enoch walks with God on the shores of Lake Erie. For those unfamiliar with the Great Lakes, it is best to see them as small oceans. You can’t see the other side and would never venture across by boat. I’d raise my hand toward Canada and speak prophetic promises over them. I would walk with God on the beach, weeping for that country, asking for revival. A deep sense of intercession would hit me on those many evenings as I walked. When I finally took the trip to the other side of the lake from my hometown, to cities called London, Saint Thomas, and Port Stanley, Ontario, I was overjoyed to finally see the people of Ontario I had so fervently prayed for, those many years. 

My trip to Canada is something I will never forget. I knew God wanted to use me there, as I had spent hours dreaming of the Canadian way of life even as a boy. I knew there was some kind of divine connection. Because I come from a long line of Canadian fishermen in New Brunswick, Canada has always been special to me. Every year of my life, as I was growing up, we visited our family there in that area.  My relatives come from a long line of French Canadians and English Canadians on my dad's side. In fact, my grandfather was a Canadian, and my dad could have had dual citizenship.

In the year 2017 I will be having a special focus on Canada as a nation from Montreal to Vancouver we plan to pray and decree prophetic promises over the nation. We are also planning to host a Online Prophetic and Decree Conference some time in 2017 to be aired through Periscope, YouTube and Vimeo. It is our goal to also speak in Intimacy Conferences all over the nation as the Lord leads. You can follow our exciting journey through our Canada Video Channel.  Stay Tuned! 



Steve Porter talks about creating a Resting Place for the Lord's presence in Ontario. He also talks about his call and heart for Canada.